The Commonwealth of Independent States
Anti-Terrorism Center

CIS ATC and Coordinating Transport Meeting of the CIS Member-States signed a Protocol of Interaction

05 December 2014

The ceremony of signing of the Protocol of interaction to provide security of transportation infrastructure and transport means against acts of unlawful interference took place on 5 December 2014 in Moscow on the sidelines of the 34th Meeting of CIS CTM.
In his address to the event participants the CIS ATC. Head Colonel General Andrey Novikov noted that the signed document would provide for adequate information exchange, best practice exchange and participation of the participants of the parties in each other's events of mutual interest. "I am sure that today our organizations received an additional tool to implement transport security programs" the Head of the Anti-Terrorism Center noted.
He also stressed that the Commonwealth Heads of States had emphasize repeatedly lately that the development of the agreed line of transport networks development, formation of the international transport corridors in the CIS were among the Commonwealth priority issues.
"According to the experts, up to 70 % of the terrorist attacks in the world are committed against the transport facilities or with use of transport means. Amid the expanding international transport corridors, it becomes obvious that any sabotage-terrorist attacks on transport facilities automatically affects the interests of the national transport operators. Besides, shutting down a big transport hub due to sabotage may cause a serious impact on the regional economy in addition to the ecological problems.
The security agencies, special services and law enforcement authorities of each and every CIS member-state take practical steps to ensure security of the transportation facilities and transport infrastructure, as well as against the sabotage and terrorist attacks. The transportation-economical links of the CIS member-states are supported with a common strategy of counter-terrorism on transportation facilities. Solving this task will allow us not only to decrease the terrorist risks on the transportation communications of the CIS member-states but to efficiently integrate such transport systems into the worldwide markets and optimize the business environment."
"As a result of coordination of work of the interested governmental agencies of the CIS member-states, as of today a number of important documents of applied significance have been elaborated and adopted. The issue of transportation facilities and transport means rating, which is the most important for the preventive operation of the special services, gained clear parameters. Besides, the Commonwealth states continue legal work to create a system for protection of the civil aviation, railway, motor and sea transport infrastructure facilities. The CIS model law On Transport Safety is in effect and regularly updated" Andrey Novikov noted.
The CIS ATC Head emphasized that the efficiency of counter-terrorism protection of the transportation facilities and transport infrastructure objectively demanded consolidation of the resources of the authorized agencies across the CIS space, adding that the cooperation and interaction between the Anti-Terrorism Center and Coordinating Transport Meeting of the CIS Member-States in providing transport safety had real prospects.


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