The Commonwealth of Independent States
Anti-Terrorism Center

CIS ATC, CSTO Secretariat and SCO RATS sign Memorandum of Understanding

The Commonwealth of Independent States Anti-Terrorism Center, represented by the Head, Mr. Andrey Novikov, the Collective Security Treaty Organization Secretariat, represented by the Secretary General, Mr. Yury Khachaturov, and the Executive Directorate of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure, represented by the Director, Evgeny Sysoev, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation and Interaction (MoU) on 28 May 2018 in Moscow.

By signing this MoU, the parties confirmed their commitment to develop and strengthen co-operation in the fight against terrorism and extremism and agreed to mutually exchange information on challenges and threats in their common areas of responsibility, the results of their activity in the counter-terrorism and counter-extremism field as well as on-going and future events.

In accordance with the MoU a standing tripartite expert group will be established with a purpose to assess the operational situation and to elaborate efficient measures to counter terrorism and extremism.