The Commonwealth of Independent States
Anti-Terrorism Center

International Conference on "Employment of Innovative Technologies and Special Munitions in Preventing and Suppressing Terrorist Acts, Legal Regulation of their Employment" (9 February, 2016, Moscow)

The CIS Anti-Terrorism Center (CIS ATC) in association with the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation and International News Agency Rossiya Segodnya are preparing the Methodological recommendations for the teaching staff and rectors of the universities and schools covering the methods of destructive influence of recruiters of the terrorist and extremist organizations on children and young people. The document is currently at the completion stage. It is planned that the document will include recommendations to the participants of the International research and practice conference "Prevention of Youth Involvement into Terrorist and Extremist Organizations" to be held on 24-25 September 2015 at the Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov (BGTU). Today the higher educational establishments, including those in the European part of Russia, have become in the focus of attention of the extremist and terrorist organizations. It is in the universities where the attempts of recruitment of the young students into the Islamic State terrorist organization, variable extremist neo-Nazi structures and quasi-religious sects have increased. At the same time, there is a lack of understanding by the universities' management and academic staff, institutes' and universities' staff of the mechanisms of the recruitment activity by the emissaries of the extremist and terrorist organizations. The purpose of the conference, held by the CIS ATC and BGTU named after V.G. Shukhov and involving the representatives of the Russian universities, administrations of some constituent territories of the Russian Federation and Cabinet of the plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation to the Central Federal District, Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Education and Science, FSB, NAC and Ministry of Interior of Russia and their territorial agencies, official (plenipotentiary) representatives of the security agencies of the CIS member-states in the Russian Federation (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Moldova), representatives of religious confessions, mass media and public associations, is an open elaboration of practical recommendations by the participants of the educational process in preventive work with the students of the higher educational establishments. For your reference: according to the data of the law enforcement of the CIS member-states, in 2014 there were recorded 1,474 extremist crimes (Azerbaijan - 12, Belarus - 6, Kazakhstan – 109, Kyrgyzstan – 142, Russia – 1034, Tajikistan – 171); 1,171 people identified for extremist crimes. In the Azerbaijan Republic in 2014 there were 29 citizens of the Republic arrested in the course of operations conducted against members of the illegal armed groups who have returned from Syria and whose actions fell under Article 279 of the Criminal Code of the Azerbaijan Republic "Participation in Illegal Armed Groups". Among those who have passed military-political training in the terrorist camps in the Afghan-Pakistan zone, 25 people have been detained and brought to trial, 33 fighters have been placed on Interpol international wanted list. In the Republic of Kazakhstan, within the framework of counteraction to Internet propaganda of jihad, in 2014 the authorized state agencies locked access to 15,500 internet-resources (web-sites, social media pages, video clips) and 12 anonimyzers which enable the users to visit locked resources. In 2014 the internal affairs agencies of the Republic seized 977 printed products, 326 leaflets, handwritings , notebooks, 258 disc with extremist content, 70 other data storage devices, 9 computers and copy machines. Together with the national security agencies operations have been conducted to identify and repress criminal activity of the radical supporters engaged into recruitment of citizens for Syria, propaganda of terrorism ideology and financing of persons travelling to the hot spots, 6 criminal cased have been opened, 370 administrative crimes have been identified, 530 persons have been detained, out which 180 have been hold administratively liable. During 2014 the internal affairs agencies of the Kyrgyz Republic identified 283 facts of propagation of radical ideas of the religious extremism followed by opening of 157 criminal cases and detention of 251 persons. 7,730 religious-extremist materials have been seized. 1,703 supporters of the extremist and terrorist organization have been registered. 86 facts related to recruitment and transportation of the republic citizens to the zones of armed conflicts have been identified, 191 KR citizens who have left for foreign countries of armed conflicts (Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan) have been established. The Antiterror operation conducted from 19-29 September 2014 has resulted in identification of 8 crimes (mercenary activity), 14 extremism-related crimes, seizure of 246 religious-extremist materials, identification of 13 KR citizens who participated in the armed conflict in Syria. According to the Russian Ministry of Interior, 1,024 extremism-related crimes have been identified, 874 crimes have been cleared. Involvement of the Russians into the Syrian conflict presents a serious threat. According to the NAC, 800 to 1.5 thousand citizens of Russia (170 died) are fighting alongside the Islamic State group in Syria. Totally, more than 40 extremist organizations have been prohibited in the Russian Federation under the court decisions. Basing on the fact of extremist activity found by the Russian Ministry of Interior, 455 criminal cases have been opened, 328 persons have been held criminally liable, 598 - administratively liable. According to the Russian Ministry of Interior, under the court decisions 139 Internet resources and materials have been designated as extremist, prohibited for distribution within the RF and recorded in the federal list of extremist materials, 2,221 materials have been deleted. In 2014 the Tajikistan law enforcement identified and detained 30 members of the extremist organizations. Militants of the extremist organizations have committed 49 crimes, including: 4 – "Organization of a criminal association (criminal organization)"; 14 – "Incitement of national, racial, religious or religious enmity"; 6 – "Public calls to change constitutional order of the Republic of Tajikistan"; 7 – "Public calls to conduct extremist activity"; 12- "Organization of an extremist community"; 6 – "Organization of activity of an extremist organization". It has also been established that over 200 citizens of Tajikistan are currently participating in the military operations in the territory of Syria. Criminal cases have been opened against 85 persons who have been also placed on a wanted list. 83 facts of illegal religious education have been discovered in the territory of Tajikistan.