The Commonwealth of Independent States
Anti-Terrorism Center

XII Meeting of the Heads (Chiefs of Staff) of the National Anti-Terrorism Centers of the CIS Member-States held in Moscow on 19-20 February 2019

The Meeting brought together delegations of the security agencies and special services of nine CIS member-states (State Security Service of Azerbaijan, National Security Service of Armenia, State Security Committee of Belarus, National Security Committee of Kazakhstan, State Committee of National Security of Kyrgyzstan, Federal Security Service of Russia, State Committee of National Security of Tajikistan, Ministry of National Security of Turkmenistan, State Security Service of Uzbekistan); representatives of the CIS bodies (Executive Committee, Coordination Service of the Council of the Border Forces Commanders, Secretariat of the Council of the Ministers of Defense, Council of the Heads of Financial Intelligence Units, Coordination Council of the Prosecutor Generals, Committee of the Heads of the Law-Enforcement Units of the Council of the Heads of Customs Authorities, Office for Coordination of the Fight Against Organized Crime, Interstate Aviation Committee, Interparliamentary Assembly); international organizations (Executive Committee of the Regional Anti-Terrorism Structure of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Secretariat of the Collective Security Treaty Organization).
The Meeting participants abiding by the national interests of the CIS member-states, generally recognized principles and norms of the international law, understanding the importance of further improvement of efficiency of interaction and cooperation in combating terrorism and extremism have discussed the situation developed in the Syrian-Iraqi and Afghanistan-Pakistan zones and assessed the degree of its impact on the situation in the Commonwealth states. 

They have noted the trends and factors which affect the security of the CIS member-states at the present time, elaborated coordinated measures to counter terrorist threats.

The parties have confirmed the necessity to actuate exchange of relevant information within the framework of the ad hoc group for monitoring situation and operations of terrorist, extremist organizations and illegal armed formations in Central Asia, as well as existing treaties and agreements.

The Meeting participants have concurred that countering financing of terrorism, including suppressing activity of the individuals abetting terrorist organizations remains among topical and promising lines of cooperation of the CIS competent authorities. The Meeting offered an opportunity to exchange national best practices in conducting mass sporting events in the CIS member-states.

The CIS ATC Head Colonel General of Police Andrey Novikov noted that the practical experience gained by Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia might be beneficial in the course of organizing the II European Games in the Republic of Belarus in 2019.

A joint anti-terrorism exercise “Ararat-Anti-Terror – 2019” to be carried out in September this year have become one of the key topics of the Meeting agenda. The exercise will take place in the territory of seven CIS states, whereas the Republic of Armenia will host its final stage.

The Meeting of the heads (chiefs of staff) of the national anti-terrorism centers of the Commonwealth states have been organized by the CIS ATC in compliance with the Program of Cooperation of the CIS Member-States in Combating Terrorism and Other Violent Manifestations of Extremism.

Such format of joint activity under the auspices of the CIS Anti-Terrorism Center allows for development and implementation of common tactical approaches to collective and national security, prompt response to varying operational situation developed under the influence of terrorist organizations, generation of efficient mechanism of countering terrorist threats.