The Commonwealth of Independent States
Anti-Terrorism Center

CIS ATC supports third Advanced counter-terrorism training course

On 3-8 June 2019, the CIS Anti-Terrorism Center supported a six-day Advanced counter-terrorism training course organized for the heads of counter-terrorism units of the CIS competent authorities in the CIS ATC headquarters.

The leading experts in management, politics, counter-terrorism, IT, psychology from the universities and scientific institutions of the CIS member-states offered their lectures and trainings to the attendees.

The CIS ATC specialists conducted trainings on security and countering international terrorist organizations in the CIS states having demonstrated best practices in identifying “sleeper” cells of the terrorist organizations; shared their knowledge in interstate search of perpetrators of terrorist and extremist crimes.

In his opening statement the CIS ATC Head Colonel-General of Police Andrey Novikov noted that such a wide pool of participants was illustrative of demand for the course among the professionals. He also expressed confidence that the knowledge gained by the participants during the course would be put to use.

The Advanced counter-terrorism training course for the heads of counter-terrorism units of the CIS competent authorities has been elaborated by the CIS ATC in the cooperation with the Institute of National Security of the Republic of Belarus and is aimed at increasing professional knowledge and skills of the officers of the security and intelligence agencies of the CIS member-states in preventing, identifying, suppressing and investigating acts of terrorism, search of organizers and perpetrators of terrorist attacks, organization of information warfare, interaction with mass media as well as psychological support to anti-terrorism efforts.