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02 June 2016

Cyber Anti-Terror 2016 Joint Anti-Terrorism Exercise of the CIS member-states

The exercise was conducted in two stages in the territory of five member-states, namely Republic of Armenia, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic and Russian Federation.
Subject of the exercise: Organization and conduct of coordinated operational-search operations against objects of mutual operational interest in the territory of the Commonwealth states. Identification and prevention of cyber terrorist acts. Conduct of a hostage-release and terrorist-neutralization operation at a key infrastructure facility.

09 September 2014

Zhetysu Anti-Terror 2014 Joint Anti-Terrorism Exercise of the competent bodies of the CIS member-states endedup with a military operation in the Arystan Service range of the National Security Committee (NSC) of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The forces of special units Arystan and Boran (Kazakh NSC), Kalkan (Kazakh State Protective Service), Sunkar (Kazakh Ministry of Interior) and Berkut (Kazakh National Guard) carried out an anti-terrorist operation involving apprehension of “simulated terrorists”, hostage release and neutralization of the terrorist group. The emergency units of the Kazakh Ministry of Interior practised operations to minimize consequences of the terrorist act committed with use of the radioactive material.


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