The Commonwealth of Independent States
Anti-Terrorism Center

Zhetysu Anti-Terror 2014 Joint Anti-Terrorism Exercise of the competent bodies of the CIS member-states endedup with a military operation in the Arystan Service range of the National Security Committee (NSC) of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The forces of special units Arystan and Boran (Kazakh NSC), Kalkan (Kazakh State Protective Service), Sunkar (Kazakh Ministry of Interior) and Berkut (Kazakh National Guard) carried out an anti-terrorist operation involving apprehension of “simulated terrorists”, hostage release and neutralization of the terrorist group. The emergency units of the Kazakh Ministry of Interior practised operations to minimize consequences of the terrorist act committed with use of the radioactive material.

Kazakhstan's Chairman of NSC Nurtay Abykaev, Head of CIS ATC Andrey Novikov, Azerbaijan's Deputy Minister of National Security Ali Sabir ogly Shafiev, Belarus's First Deputy of State Security Committee Igor Sergeenko, Russia's Deputy Director of Federal Security Service Evgeniy Sysoev, representatives of the security agencies and special services of Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, interested international organizations (INTERPOL, OSCE, SCO, CSTO, CARICC) observed the anti-terrorist operation.

Zhetysu Anti-Terror 2014 Joint Anti-Terrorism Exercise of the competent bodies of the CIS member-states was conducted in two stages and involved the security agencies, special services and law-enforcement bodies of the Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan and Russian Federation.

Within the framework of the first stage (14-22 August) the field units of the CIS competent authorities practised identification of “simulated terrorist” groups transiting through state boundaries of the Republic of Belarus and Russia to Kazakhstan with radioactive cargo in conditions closely approximating reality. The security agencies carried out en-route search operations to monitor the cargo movement.

In the course of the mission execution the CIS ATC in order to complicate the tactical situation injected new narratives as a result of which the field units of the exercise participant states practised algorithms of inter-state inter-departmental coordination, information exchange including the ones with use of CIS collective-use special information resources. At that the elements of the state nuclear security monitoring systems were involved.

Head of CIS ATC Colonel General Andrey Novikov addressed the personnel of the Arystan range and noted that such exercises made a significant contribution to the increase of integration between the anti-terrorist units of variable departments, mastering of the personnel professional development and gave a real practice for the executives and operational staff of the CIS competent authorities in preparing and conducting special operations. "Drilling of the integrated coordination of the security agencies and special services of several CIS states at the same time gives us all the reasons to declare that in case of a real terrorist threat in one of the Commonwealth state our response to the terrorists will be timely and efficient. I think that the aim of the joint exercise was achieved and the mission accomplished", Head of CIS ATC stressed.