The Commonwealth of Independent States
Anti-Terrorism Center

Information and analysis

The information and analysis work of the CIS ATC is aimed at solving the tasks assigned by the Regulation on the CIS Anti-Terrorism Center as of 1 December 2000.

The fundamental task is to elaborate proposals to the Council of the CIS Heads of the States, Council of the Heads of Security Bodies and Special Services of the CIS member-states and other bodies of the CIS on the course of development of the Commonwealth member-states' cooperation in combating international terrorism and other acts of extremism.

This field of work is based on analysis of the incoming information on the state, dynamics and trends of proliferation of the international terrorism and other acts of extremism not only in the CIS member-states but other countries as well.

The information exchange between the special services and law-enforcement authorities of the CIS member-states is implemented basing on the inter-state, inter-departmental shared information system called Specialized Data Bank (SDB) of the CIS ATC. The relevant authorities of the Commonwealth member-states have a real-time access to the data bank.

The information delivered to the Center from the Commonwealth member-states as well as CIS bodies, regional and international organizations constitute the main sources for feeding the SDB.

The CIS ATC conducts specialized analytic surveys of the topics of the partners' interest. As a result information-analytical and topical reports with expert reviews of the operational situation in the CIS member-states and other countries are published monthly. The CIS ATC information bulletin is issued twice a year. The Review of Terrorism and Other Acts of Extremism in the CIS Member-States, Their Causes and Sources of Funding is prepared annually.